Featured Articles

On the occasion of the launch of the Website of the Revue de Qumrân, Gabalda publishing and the editorial board are pleased to offer in open access twelve articles published in the journal between 1958 and today. Most of them have been seminal in one way or another, and all, we think, continue to repay close study. The selection was made to illustrate the diversity of subject matter, scholarly approach, geographic provenance.

Jean Carmignac, “Note sur les Peshârîm”, RdQ 3 (1962), 342–78.

Paolo Sacchi, “Il problema degli anni 390 nel Documento di Damasco I:5-6”, RdQ 5 (1964), 89-96.

John Strugnell, “Notes en Marge du volume V des 'Discoveries in the Judaean Desert of Jordan'”, RdQ 7 (1970), 163-273"

George Brooke, “Qumran Pesher: Towards the Redefinition of a Genre”, RdQ 10 (1981), 483–503.

Emile Puech, “Un hymne essénien en partie retrouvé et les béatitudes”, RdQ 13 (1988), 59-88.

Marinus de Jonge, “The Testament of Levi and ‘Aramaic Levi’,” RdQ 13 (1988), 367–85.

Florentino García Martínez and Adam S. van der Woude, “A ‘Groningen’ Hypothesis of Qumran Early Origins and Early History,” RdQ 14 (1990), 521-541.

Annette Steudel, “אחרית הימים in the Texts from Qumran”, RdQ 16 (1993), 225–46.

Emanuel Tov, “Excerpted and Abbreviated Biblical Texts from Qumran,” RdQ 16 (1995), 581-600.

Harmut Stegemann, “Some Remarks to 1QSa, to 1QSb, and to Qumran Messianism,” RdQ 17 (1996), 479-505.

Joe Zias, “Qumran archaeology : skeletons with multiple personality disorders and other grave errors,” RdQ 81 (2003), 83-98.

D. Dimant, “The composite character of the Qumran sectarian literature as an indication of its date and provenance,” RdQ 22 (2006), 615-630.